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Self Care - Nurture - Aromatherapy Blend

Self Care - Nurture - Aromatherapy Blend


Look after yourself with the Nurture aromatherapy blend in a convenient 15 ml roll on bottle. 

Evoking words when using this blend

Soothing, calming, relaxing, mind over matter, warming.


Organic Jojoba seed oil, Frankincense*, Roman Chamomile* 3% jojoba, Jasmine*, Neroli* 3% jojoba (in order of concentration high to low) *denotes essential oil



Apply topically as desired.

Reiki Infusion

Products are made in small batches with love and care. During the manufacturing process, each product is infused with Reiki energy to infuse a sense of calm and peace within the product.

Our care

All products are designed by a qualified aromatherapist and hand crafted using 100% natural ingredients, chemical free and ethically purchased. Ingredients are sourced locally within Australia and Organic where possible. No artificial fragrances or preservatives, no phthalates and no sulfates. Made to low dilution and careful consideration of the essential oils to ensure safe for everyone to use.

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