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History of marguerite Maury (1895-1968)

madam marguerite Maury

An aromatherapy pioneer in how aromatherapy massage come about was a biochemist in France, Maugerita Maury in the 1960s. Maugerita developed the technique of using essential oils within massage.    The aromatherapy technique was brought to England by her students and became popular within the beauty industry. The massage techniques uses sequence of movements along the side of the spine to re-balance the nervous system. Bringing about a sense of peace, rest and restoration. Perfect for skin rejuvenation, calming the mind, reducing aches and pains.

Aromatherapy with sarah

Aromatherapy massage at our clinic in Sydney uses many modalities within the one treatment which follows the authentic Maugerita Maury techniques. Each treatment is completely different to the next client because each and everyone one of you is unique. You will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and rested. 

Individual prescription reflects the whole person - body, soul and mind.
— Marguerite Maury




Aromatherapy with Sarah® was born out of a passion to promote the safe and ethical usage of essential oils offering aromatherapy massage, low tox aromatherapy facial massage, Reiki healing and private online consultations.

I am also a specialist in manufacturing custom aromatherapy products for other businesses. Let’s just say that I’m your local and qualified aromatherapist in the Inner West of Sydney.

Fully Insured and Certified. Accredited Member of SNTR (Society of Natural Therapists and Researchers Inc