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Aromatherapy Resources

Information surrounding essentail oil safety guidelines for pregancy, children and safe dilution options.


What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a holistic art blending essential oils to promote health and wellness well researched and documented by health professionals (view PubMed). Essential oils are plant based extracts carefully distilled into liquid.

Please note: aromatherapy usage does NOT replace pharmaceutical drugs. Chat to your health practitioner. 

what does an aromatherapist do?

During a consultation, a qualified aromatherapist will assess the person holistically taking into account the medical history and devise a unique treatment plan which includes the use of therapeutic properties of essential oils. 

A qualified aromatherapist will have spent 2 years plus obtaining a Diploma of Clinical Aromatherapy - HLT52315. Learning about anatomy, physiology, pathology and chemistry (along with effective and safe use of essential oils). Completing over 350 hours of work placement under supervision of other qualified aromatherapists. 

Note: always seek out Aromatherapists who are qualified and insured.


Mums are always juggling life, children, work, family and friends. It is no wonder that we forget to stop and take care of ourselves on a regular basis. Taking regular time out for ourselves has so many wonderful benefits; it puts us in a good mood and allows us to recharge and revitalise.

Self-care practices can be in the form of gentle exercise, massage, healthy eating, coffee with friends or reading a book – any action that makes you happy. We have designed a self-care package with this in mind. An aromatherapy blend set designed to SPARK the imagination and creative juices, let the body and mind REST, bring LOVE to the heart, and NURTURE you to wellness.

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Living a low tox lifestyle

Go Low Tox is an online course designed to help you switch and ditch environmental toxins across all aspects of daily life - including on your body and throughout your home. This is the course you do to dramatically lower your toxic load and footprint - you learn from scratch if you’re a newbie or you refine your knowledge and get clearer on things if you’ve been at it a while making changes. In 5 weeks you learn about toxic chemicals in beauty products/cleaning products and DIY alternatives.

This course was the catalyst to my own career change into natural therapy. 

Want to learn how to navigate making the best choices for you and for your planet? Go Low Tox online course launches soon and is live coached by Alexx Stuart, founder of Low Tox Life, through 20+ topics and 30+ interviews. Don't miss out!

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- Endocrine disruptive chemicals - the where, the what, the how to minimise and the critical need for doing so for our children and future human health.

- Kitchen, bathroom and multipurpose cleaning chemicals laid bare – yup, boring but life changing. DIY and ready-buy options both recommended to help you kick goals YOUR way.

- Low Tox Laundry. How you can have squeaky clean clothes with no harmful residues like lung irritants, migraine instigators, and dermatitis promoters, not to mention without poisoning our waterways and our environment.

- Low Tox Face. Cosmetics, skincare & men’s face & shaving – because beauty is more than skin-deep. Learn the top nasties, where they commonly lurk and what to choose instead - and there's A LOT of choice!

- Body scrubs, lotions, sun care and self-tanning in the spotlight – Know what to avoid and know that there will be delicious swaps made.

- The Antibacterial Myth– are we ‘too clean’? Embracing good bugs while keeping away the bad guys, and becoming more resilient in the face of antibiotic resistance? Yes thanks.

- Personal Hygiene. We talk pits, time of the month, sexy time. Don’t blush now. We tackle the lot and there's a bucket load of low tox options to choose from.

- Low Tox meditations - mind, body, and spirit matter so much more than we give credit (and time) for and these become a favourite for course takers on Sundays.

- Detoxing from chemicals. Discover over 50 ways to do it safely, gently and start removing the toxins lingering from past exposures. No, you won't be made to do any extreme cleansing, fasting or "rapid eliminations".

- Low Tox Make Up. Looking gorgeous doesn’t need to cost your health any longer. Know the top nasties. Know the top performing low tox options for many different skin challenges, coverage requirements and skin types.

- Low Tox Kids. Growing bodies are coping with enough let alone weirdo nasties. A great overview of kid's personal care, toys, craft and more as well as how to get older kids on side with the changes.

- Low Tox Hair & Nails. How to nurture those fickle follicles.

- Plastic Free Living. Going LOW plastic in a high plastic world? Bucket loads of ideas, solutions, DIY upcycles and brands to help you do it.

- Water and Teeth. Purifying the facts on oral health, tooth paste and water filtration with a pioneering holistic dentist to guide us.

- Cookware & Bakeware. What's harmful and what we can use with confidence. Know what's what between all the coatings and which to use in which situations in terms of what you're cooking and for how long.

- Low Tox Conversations. When people don't understand your decision to go low tox, we have a brilliant expert psychologist and mind coach AND chat about the ways most likely get them on your side!

- Low Tox Clothes. You won't need to throw your wardrobe away, but we will set ourselves up for best practices for future clothes including how to shop textiles.

- Low tox home. Simple swaps and inexpensive tests to ensure you're not unnecessarily exposed to heavy metals.

- Dust and Mould. The facts on their impact to your health with our building biologist and learn awesome tips to minimise both as well as gaining resources on where to turn to if you suspect mould illness or a water damaged building.

- BONUS TOPICS (For premium and life time member options) Natural pest options, low tox renovation options and how to care for your pets the low tox way!

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